Loopy Aerobatic Charity Fundraising flight


South West Aerobatics pilot and guest

Loopy Aerobatic Charity Fundraising flight

Hi, my name is Hayley, and I am completing a daring fundraising challenge for The Hardman Trust.


Apart from making as much money as possible, I aim to show that whatever barriers, obstacles, challenges or difficulties you are faced with in life, they can be overcome and with the right support and guidance you can reach your goals and achieve great things.


I have worked within the Justice Sector for over a decade, and I have a passion to help individuals feel empowered to make a positive change and achieve their potential.


The Hardman Trust is the only charity in England, Wales and Scotland focusing on the unique needs of people on long sentences. They offer specialist support to people to help them find employment, avoid poverty or homelessness, and resettle successfully back into society to help reduce the chance of re-offending.


I have witnessed first-hand the fantastic impact The Hardman Trust has had on so many lives, enabling individuals to rebuild and lead more successful lives for themselves and their families.


Many individuals feel overwhelmed by the idea of having to overcome a multitude of barriers, including finding employment or training opportunities and this can be a struggle if they are not supported appropriately. As well as this many individuals also may have low literacy levels, dyslexia or even language barriers.


Working within the assistive technology sector it is clear to me that people living with dyslexia need more support & we as a society need an increased awareness of ways in which we can support them.


It is great to see learning differences such as dyslexia receive a lot more acknowledgement, with so many successful people in society really driving the message.


On a personal level, I will be overcoming my own gremlins, and this is my fear of heights. However, I want to use this opportunity to showcase that no matter what happens through life’s ups and downs, twists and turns – be brave, embrace the fear and aim high!


To donate, visit Hayley’s Go Fund Me Page here.