Aerobatic Experiences

30 minute Aerobatic Flight Experience

The Ride of your life!

Welcome to the world of aerobatics, cloud dancing and manoeuvres in the sky, that will leave you wanting more.

With an inverted fuel system, our Super Decathlon is a fully rated aerobatic aircraft, capable of pulling +6 -5 G. 

Brace yourselves and get ready to see the world upside down, experience stall turns, loops, rolls and chandelles; demonstrated by the instructor, before we give you the opportunity to take the controls.

Please Note
You will receive a printable gift certificate of the voucher for your flight
Minimum age: 12-years old
Maximum height: 2m (6ft 7in)
Maximum weight: 100kg (16 stone)
Please let your instructor know if you have any medical issues.


60 minute

Aerobatic Flight


breathtaking views of Devon landmarks

The one hour experience flight enables the keen aerobatic pilot to experience not only one session of aerobatics but several. The extra time in the air allows the person to carry out one sequence which normally lasts around ten to fifteen minutes, then have a break to allow the body to recover then you would be ready for some more excitement.

The break allows you to make the most of our stunning Devon countryside. A great experience for the daredevils amongst you!

Please Note

You will receive a printable gift certificate of the voucher for your flight

Minimum age: 12-years old
Maximum height: 2m (6ft 7in)
Maximum weight: 100kg (16 stone)
Please let your instructor know if you have any medical issues.



Redeeming your flight voucher

what to do if you recieve a flight experience gift voucher

Call us on 07850 969915 to book in your flight date and time.

Your Experience

What you can expect on the day

Pre-flight briefing from your instructor.

At Aircraft
You will be shown the aircraft and fitted into the harness.

The Flight – Aerobatic
The flight will last either 30 or 60 minutes from brakes off to brakes on depending on which package you have booked.

Experience a range of aerobatic manoeuvres.

Once airborne you will be able to take the controls if you wish.

Debrief with your instructor.

GoPro video of your flight available for an additional £20, plus £10 for the micro SD card (you can provide your own card).


Frequently asked questions
What should I do when I receive a gift voucher?

Call us on 07850 969915 to book in your flight date and time.

IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU BOOK YOUR FLIGHT AS SOON AS YOU CAN and certainly within 6 months of the purchase date of the voucher (at least 3 months prior to its expiry), so that there will be time to reschedule if necessary.

Are there any medical, age or weight restrictions?

We can fly anyone aged 12 and over, as long as they fulfil the height, weight and medical criteria, as listed below.

The aircraft passenger weight limit is 100kg (16 stone): height limit 2m (6ft 7in).

You will be required to complete a Medical Self-Certification Form before flying. If you have any doubts or answer any questions contained within the form with a ‘yes’, you should contact your GP (your GP may charge you for this).

There is no upper age limit to fly with us, however, if you are aged 71 or over, as a formality, we will require a letter from your doctor confirming you are fit to take the flight.

If you are already a pilot with a current medical, the above does not apply.

How do I get to Dunkeswell Aerodrome?
South West Aerobatics is based at Dunkeswell Aerodrome, Dunkeswell, Honiton, Devon EX14 4LG. We are easily accessible from the A30 – follow the signs to Dunkeswell.

Our location is accurate on Google Maps.

Once at the Airfield, please report to reception.


How long does the experience last?

For the 30-minute aerobatic flight experience, you should allow 1 hour – to include the briefing and debriefing. For the 1-hour flight experience, please allow 1.5 hours total.

What should I wear?

It is essential that you wear light flat shoes with good grips – trainers are ideal. Please wear comfortable casual clothes i.e., trousers/shorts, t-shirt, and sweater. Ladies should not wear skirts/ dresses. It is a good idea to bring a light jacket, as it can be exposed on the airfield. Sunglasses are also recommended.

Loose objects (including cameras, go-pros and phones) are not allowed in the aircraft cockpit. Before entering the aircraft, you will be asked to empty your pockets of keys, change, etc. You will be required to remove any jewellery (other than watches and stud earrings), hairgrips, etc. Valuables can either be safekept in our crew room or left in your vehicle.

Can I eat before I fly?

Up to you, as everyone is different!

We normally suggest that you eat a light breakfast/snack 1-2 hours before you fly as aerobatics on an empty stomach can increase the propensity for airsickness.

A heavy meal just before your flight is not recommended and alcohol MUST be avoided.

There is a cafe (Diner 31) situated in the main building at the Airfield, which serves a range of food and beverages should you and/or your family require refreshments during the day.

Can I bring my friends/family with me and can they watch me fly?

Any number of family/friends can come to the Airfield itself. However, due to space constraints, only the participant can be accommodated in our crew room during the flying brief.

Our flights do not take place over the airfield itself, but in many locations throughout the local area – your family/friends will therefore only be able to see you get into the aircraft, take-off and land, and will not see you doing aerobatics.

For safety and insurance reasons family/friends are not allowed airside.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are allowed at the Airfield but must be kept on a lead at all times. They must not cross any fences or barriers (i.e., they are not permitted airside).

Dogs are not allowed in our crew room/offices but there is grass space outside our building where you can sit with them or leave them unattended (on a lead).

How extreme is the flying? Will I feel sick? Will I have fun?

It is an experience you will never forget. Just look at our testimonials on Tripadvisor!

We tailor all flights to the individual, and can provide anything from a gentle flying lesson around the area to extreme aerobatics and everything in between, depending on your nerves or your g-tolerance. This will all be discussed as part of the initial briefing session, and will be continually monitored during the flight by your experienced instructor.

Photos and videos - can I record the day?

We automatically video all flights, and it is up to you if you wish to purchase your video after the flight (price £25). This is a HD video provided on a micro SD card and can be taken with you on the day.

Should a video not record perfectly in some way, then South West Aerobatics will not refund any associated flying costs or offer repeat flights for free.

We do not allow participants to wear or use GoPros or cameras in the cockpit. It is not possible to accurately assess the strength or durability of any individual camera harness or mount for appropriateness in a high G environment, and any camera that works loose is a potential missile that might cause injury or damage the cockpit.

Change of flight date / late shows

If you wish to change your chosen flight date, you must give at least 14 days’ notice.

For changes made within 14 days of the scheduled date a rearrangement fee of £20 will be charged.

Please aim to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your flight. If you arrive late and we are unable to fit you into the schedule, you may forfeit your voucher entirely.

Cancellations & Refunds

To allow for unforeseen changes in personal circumstances, Flight Experience Vouchers are fully transferable allowing the nomination of alternative participants.

For cancellations made within 14 days of the date of voucher purchase, a full refund will be granted, less an administration charge of £20. After this period, the administrative and financial costs incurred in maintaining the operation and setting up flights are such that only 50% of the voucher cost will be refunded, as long as the voucher is less than 6 months old. We are unable to refund any vouchers that are older than this. Please note that these refund terms generally exceed those offered by the big experience agencies or other experience providers.

For vouchers purchased through an agency, such as Buyagift or Virgin Experience Days, the refund rate will be based on the rate paid by the agency to South West Aerobatics (i.e. less agency commission) and NOT on the agency price paid or our list prices. You should contact the agency directly if you wish to receive a refund or exchange your flight for a different experience.

Although we are sympathetic to customers who are cancelled/rescheduled due to weather or for other reasons beyond our control, we are unable to grant refunds outside the terms above. We accept no liability for any costs incurred (e.g., transport, accommodation, insurance, days taken off work, etc) when flying has to be cancelled.

Force Majeure: should other circumstances outside our control, which could not have been prevented despite all efforts and precautions on our side – for example Acts of God, riots, civil unrest etc – put a stop to your flight experience, refunds will not be given. All booked participants will be rescheduled to future dates when the event will be held as normal, after the disruption has passed.

Can I extend my gift voucher beyond its expiry date?

We can extend your voucher for 6 months for a £25 fee, or £40 for 12 months, as long as you contact us whilst it is still valid. Unfortunately, we cannot fly you if your voucher has expired (without being extended).


What about the weather?

All flying is subject to weather, aircraft serviceability and pilot and airfield availability. It is ESSENTIAL THAT YOU CALL US ON 07850 969915 TO CHECK IN THE DAY BEFORE YOUR FLIGHT. This is not only to check the weather but also to check that the flying is going ahead as planned and that there have been no last minute changes.


The presence of low unbroken cloud or haze (in the summer) and/or high winds may mean that we will have to reschedule flying. The simplest weather guideline is that we need to have bits of blue sky (i.e., gaps in the clouds) or a high cloud base (of more than 3000 feet). Rain is fine as long as there are ‘gaps’ between the showers.  Low cloud/drizzle without any breaks will generally mean that we can’t fly.

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU BOOK YOUR FLIGHT AS EARLY AS YOU CAN and certainly within 6 months of the purchase of the voucher, so that there will be time to reschedule if necessary. We operate all year round, but due to better weather and longer sunlight hours more flights are available from March to October. If you first book your flight close to its expiry, particularly if this is in autumn, there is a chance that you may not fly before the end of the year, in which case your voucher will need to be extended (for a £25 fee).

Is it safe? Am I insured?

The care of our guests is paramount and we employ the same safety standards used by the RAF to ensure that everybody enjoys a great time without taking risks. Aircraft are maintained in strict accordance with CAA regulations and our instructor pilots have supreme credentials. Although aerobatic flying may ‘look’ dangerous, the flying is done within strict rules around procedures, minimum altitudes and distances between the aircraft. The instructors have many thousands of hours’ experience, which helps ensure that they are perfectly prepared to fly with you.

We are fully insured for personal and third party risks up to £5 million, and your own personal policies are normally unaffected by the activity (although you should check this in advance with your provider). If you booked through an experience agency, you may also automatically receive additional cover. Copies of our insurance cover are available on request. Please note that personal effects are not covered by our policies, but again, your normal insurance arrangements usually remain valid.

Other questions?
If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us at; or call 07850 969915.

"Best present ever"

Stephen Albert – Milford on Sea

"Amazing, exciting, thrill seeking aerobatics"

Cathy – Rugby

"Epic!!! It was absolutely amazing, a boyhood dream come true."

Simon H – Devon

"One experience not to be missed"

Brian S – Oakham