Corporate Events

Corporate days…
with a difference

Aerobatic corporate events 

Fed up with the run of the mill days out with your colleagues? Why not try something completely out of the ordinary?

Spend your day upside down, looping and see the world from a totally different perspective. A day at SW Aerobatics will provide your team with a day to remember for years to come.

The day starts with a full safety briefing and then a talk about aerobatics and how it started being used to train pilots in the First World War for combat manoeuvres. Then each member of the team will be strapped into the aircraft for the main event, a sequence of aerobatic moves. You will even be offered the opportunity to take the controls and fly the aircraft for yourself.

For members of your team that don’t feel they want to go for the full sky dancing experience, we can offer an equally memorable, but more sedate scenic trip over the fantastic Jurassic coast.

While you wait for your turn to fly, why not partake of our fantastic coffee and food selection at our own Aviator restaurant, while watching lots of other activity on the airfield.

For further information contact Andy on 07850 969915 or by email at

South West Aerobatics pilot and guest